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Sample Exhibit Budget

Exhibit Name Ref Budget Notes
Natural Mohave Intro 2.3.01 XXXXX 5x ceiling spkr, sub, MP3
Spring Mound-Island Of Life 2.3.02 XXXXX 2x MP3, 3x PIR, ceiling spkr, 2x FX spkr
Las Vegas Is Changing 2.3.03 XXXXX 3D plasma, CPU, ShowControl, Pos Browser
Building And Destroying 2.3.04 XXXXX LCD Projector, lens, mirror, MSC, CPU, 2x spkr
Aquifer 2.3.07 XXXXX 20″ LCD, DVD, MSC, buttons
What Makes A Spring 2.3.08 XXXXX 9×30″ LCD, 9x DVD, MSC, fan
Permeability 2.3.09 XXXXX MP3, LED sync
Spring Mound Theater 2.3.11 XXXXX Projector, lens, mirror, RP, 2x spkr, LED clock
Adaptation Tales 2.3.12 XXXXX 2x DVD, 2x 15″ LCD, 2x MSCMP3, RFID, alarm system
Desert Lifecycle Theatre 2.3.15 XXXXX 3×30″ LCD, 4x DVD, MSC, PIR, 10k proj, LED clock, 5.1, 5x spkr
Night Life 2.3.16 XXXXX proj, CPU, mirror, MSCMP3, shaft encoder
Pollination 2.3.17 XXXXX 3x CPU, 3x 18″ LCD, 3x joystick, MSC, dimmer
Soil Microflora & Microfauna 2.3.19 XXXXX tablet CPU, MSC, linear slide encoder (could be DVD)
People Of The Springs 2.4.01 XXXXX MSCMP3, ceiling spkr, subwoofer, dimmer feed
Cultures Map 2.4.02 XXXXX projector, lens, CPU, MSC
Archeologists Tent 2.4.04 XXXXX 3x DVD, 3x 20″ LCD, MSC, barcode scanner
Puebloan Dwelling 2.4.06 XXXXX MSCMP3, 2x spkr, amp, 2x dimmer, CC reader
Windows On The Past 2.4.09 XXXXX Anivision
Encounter Native People 2.4.11 XXXXX 42″ plasma, CC reader, DVD, dish spkr
Encounter Explorers 2.4.12 XXXXX MSCMP3, dish spkr, CC reader, gobo proj
Encounter Pioneers 2.4.13 XXXXX 63″ monitor DVD, dish spkr, CC reader
Stories Of Ranching 2.4.20 XXXXX MSCMP3, 2x spkr, 2x buttons
City At The Crossroads Intro 2.5.01 XXXXX 37″ plasma, CPU, camera, MSC, 5x ceiling, subwoofer
Supplying Las Vegas 2.5.02 XXXXX 3x 50″ plasma, 3x 12ft LED, 16ft LED, 3x DVD, CC, 7x button
What If 2.5.03 XXXXX 3x 63″ plasma, 3x CPU, 2x MSC, spin browser, dimmer, 1/2 mirror
Getting Water To You 2.5.04 XXXXX 3x CPU, 3x LCD, 3 3x MSC
Mohave Desert Ecosystem 2.5.06 XXXXX 6×12″ touchscreen, 6x CPU, 6x camera, 3x MSCMP3, alarm, 8x spkr
Laying The Groundwork 2.5.07 XXXXX 15″ LCD, DVD, 2x button, 1x spkr, MSC
Desert Conservation 2.5.08 XXXXX 18″ touch monitor, miniMSC, 2x shaft encoder, PH3
SCADA 2.5.09 XXXXX 2×63″ plasma, DLP projector/lens/mirror, 2x LED clock, 2x MSC, 6x spkr
Getting Around 2.3.20 XXXXX DVD, MSC, 18″ LCD, buttons
Storing, Saving 2.3.31 XXXXX MP3, speaker
Lizard Pit 2.3.25 XXXXX camera, IR camera, CPU, MSC, rugged monitor
Pallid Bats 2.3.27 XXXXX 15″ LCD, 2x 19″ LCD, 3x camera, switcher, MSC
Harvester Ants 2.3.29 XXXXX 20″ LCD, DVD, MSC, 5x button