• Bishop Museum - “Volcano”
  • Bishop Museum - “Volcano”

Bishop Museum – “Volcano”

2005: Honolulu, HI

Controls for Eruption Effects

Designer:  Gyroscope, Inc.

The new gallery at the Bishop Museum is dominated by a model volcano.  Thanks to BBI’s controls and Creative Machines’ plumbing, it erupts 3 to 4 times an hour in random patterns.

The control system operates 24 pumps and valves in precise timing to create individual blasts. These individual blasts are combined randomly to produce swirling eruptions, bubbling interludes and hourly giant eruptions. Between eruptions, the systems run various housekeeping pumps to keep the fluids well mixed.

The eruptions are also synchronized to the lighting system which provides a red glow across the volcano as it erupts. A final feature allows the docents to set the volcano to erupt in precisely 30 minute intervals in order to signal school groups to move to the next activity in their program.

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