• Plains Indian Museum - “Dance Arbor”

Plains Indian Museum – “Dance Arbor”

2000: Cody, WY

3 Life Sized Images in Hexagonal Display Case

Designer: West Office Exhibition Design

This is the classic “it looks simple until you build it” exhibit. The dance arbor is a hexagonal structure with 3 life sized image rear projections and 3 display cases. Each image is 8 ft tall in a portrait orientation.

The complexity is in the 9 mirrors that are carefully fitted (stuffed) inside the structure. Since the images are displayed in a portrait orientation and projectors will not work on their side (gravity affects the lamp arc), the images are first rotated with 2 mirrors. Then, they are bounced off large mirrors fitted between the arc of the rear of the artifact cases and the screens.

The screens themselves are glass, mounted on hinges to allow access to service the projectors.

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