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Cadence Design Systems

2006 – 2007: San Jose, CA

Interactive Corporate Lobby Exhibits

Designer: West Office Exhibition Design

For Cadence Design Systems, we did both the AV Integration and Software for a number of exhibits, including:

This is a striking exhibit for which a photo cannot do justice. Physically this is a plain table in the shape of a tilted arc whose radius matches its location in a drum shaped lobby. On this table 3 edge blended projectors create a 1000 x 5000 pixel high resolution image consisting of a subtle crawling red and black background with crisp white text flowing across it.

The moving background and the text are warped so they flow at the same radius as their location on the table.

The interaction comes when you touch one of the words or phrases as it moves across the “screen.” A high resolution stereoscopic imaging system developed by BBI detects your hand touching the otherwise inert table and “pops up” a text box with more information about the topic you touched.

Global Traveler
This is a sliding monitor that moves along a curved track over a map in the wall. If a visitor hovers over a hot spot, they see information about that Cadence office.

For this exhibit BBI designed, fabricated and programmed the entire exhibit. This is an example of our ability to design and fabricate electro-mechanical exhibits in our shop.

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