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World Forestry Center

2005: Portland, OR

AV and Interactive Exhibits

Designer: West Office Exhibition Design / BBI

We did the AV and several interactive exhibits for the World Forestry Center. Some of the most interesting include

Virtual Smokejumper
This is an example of using a projector to produce a point of view image on the floor. For this exhibit the visitor sits in the harness and virtually parachutes into the forest. The image on the floor zooms in to give you the impression of falling and you steer by means of the 2 cords attached to your chute. The object is to come as close as you can to the red bulls-eye. This has been an immensely popular exhibit.

This is another of our projects where we provide the AV integration, the interface hardware and the custom software.

Raft Ride
When you get on the raft, you are led through a virtual rafting experience and can watch yourself bounce around on the screen. In the middle, your photo is taken and you can print and buy it at the gift shop. This is an example of a typical “take home” exhibit that has been popular and working well for years.

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