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Allen & Heath 2400 Series Consoles
Dan Dugan D-2 & E and E1 8-channel digital automixer
Mackie 802, 1202 & 1402-VLZ
Yamaha LS9 32 channel digital mixer
Yamaha M7CL 48 channel digital mixer
Yamaha insert cards; Dugan MY-16, Yamaha MY-16AT, MY8-ADDA-96, MY-AE96S


Clear-Com Intercom
Clear-Com BP501 beltpack, single channel
Clear-Com BP502 beltpack, two channel
Clear-Com biscuit/speaker station, 2-channel
Clear-Com MS200C 2-channel master station
Clear-Com MS440 4-channel master station
Clear-Com TW-12B system interface
Telex PH-1 Clear-Com single-muff headset
Telex PH-88 Clear-Com lightweight headset
BBI XLR breakout mult. bar
Wireless Intercom/IFB
Telex BTR-700 RF PL intercom system, 4 drop
Telex BTR-800 RF PL 2 channel intercom system, 4 drop
Comtek BSA-72 fixed RF IFB system, 4 drop
Comtek BST-25 tunable RF IFB system, 3 drop
Gentner TX-37 Assistive Listening System, 5 drop
Telex AAT-2 Assistive Listening System, 21 drop
RTS Systems 4010 IFB matrix system
BBI/AMX wireless cue light system


d&b audiotechnik T10 Loudspeaker array
d&b audiotechnik T-Subwoofer
d&b audiotechnik B4-Subwoofer
Meyer MM4XP powered compact speaker kit
Meyer UPM-1p powered compact speaker
Meyer UP-Junior powered compact speaker
Meyer UPJ-1P powered speaker
Meyer USW-1P powered compact subwoofer
Apogee AE-5 biamped speaker
Apogee AE-5 biamped speaker
Apogee AE-3 compact speaker
Apogee AE-12 subwoofer
EAW JF-60 compact speaker
Fostex 6301B powered speaker
JBL Eon10 powered speaker
Mackie SRM450 Powered speaker
ElectroVoice paging horn/compression driver


Apogee AE-3m compact monitor
Apogee AE-6 biamped monitor wedge
EAW JFX-200 full range or bi-amped monitor wedge


Wireless Microphone Systems
Shure Series professional UR4D UHF and UHFR wireless microphone systems with both Lavaliere and Hand Held option. Hand held all have Shure SM87 capsules.

Headset and Lavaliere Microphones

Audio Technica 831 cardioids Lavaliere
Countrymen B3, E6 omni lavaliere in cocoa and beige (Terminated for Lectrosonics, Shure, Sony, Sennheiser, Telex and XLR)
Countrymen EMW Isomax omni lavaliere and Headset (Shure, Sony, XLR)
Shure 184 Cardioid lavaliere (Shure)

Wired Microphones

AKG C414 large diaphragm stereo pair
AKG 451 w/ CK1 cardioid capsule or CK9 shotgun capsule
AKG C3000B large diaphragm
AKG C747 mini shotgun
Audio Technica 857 lecturn microphone
Audio Technica 4073 shotgun microphone
Beyer Dynamic M88
Crown PCC-160 boundary microphone
EV Polarchoice18
Neumann KMS 105
Neumann KMS 184
Shure 545SD VOG
Shure Beta52
Shure Beta56
Shure SM57
Shure SM58
Sennheiser MD421
Sennheiser MD431
Sennheiser ME80 shotgun microphone

Direct Input

Barcus-Berry 4000XL
Hi-Tech Audio
Whirlwind Director
600:600 ohm isolation transformer

Outboard Electronics

BSS BLU-16 Soundweb London
BSS BLU-80 Soundweb London
dbx 160, 166, 1066 and 1046 compressor/limiter and gate
dbx 120X-DS subharmonic synthesizer
dbx 3231L graphic equalizer per channel
Klark Teknik DN405 & DN410 parametric EQ
Klark Teknik DN370
Klark Teknik DN716/700 1?3 digital delay unit
LA Audio 4c compressor/limiter, four channel
Lexicon LXP-15 digital effects unit
Sabine ADF-2402 feedback eliminator, 2-channel
Yamaha D1030 1?3 digital delay unit
Yamaha SPX90 digital effects unit
Yamaha SPX990 digital effects unit
Yamaha Rev7 digital reverb unit
XTA DP226 2?6 digital processor/Xover/delay
TC Electronics D-2 MultiTap Delay

Playback & Record

360 Systems Instant Replay
Denon DN630 CD Player
Denon DN615 CD/MP3 Player
Marantz PMD-570 Flash recorder
Marantz PMD-670 Flash Recorder

Press Pools

Opamp Labs A-24 2X24
BBI 1X12
Gentner DA-802 2x8

Telephone Interface

Gentner DH20 digital telephone hybrid
Gentner DHIII digital telephone hybrid
Gentner DHII digital telephone hybrid
BBI mod-TW12B/DH20 telephone-PL interface
BBI 25pair telephone snake cable
BBI single line telephone, handset, RJ-11
BBI telephone line coupler